Can You Read This?

Think of your closest seven family members or friends. Which one do you think is illiterate?photoshop-upsidedown

Fourteen percent of American adults cannot read, according to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Education Department. Around 32 million people lack basic literacy skills, such as reading the instructions on a bottle of pills or even a newspaper.

“The crisis of adult literacy is getting worse, and investment in education and support programs is critical,” said David C. Harvey, president and CEO of ProLiteracy, in response to the finding.

Other noteworthy statistics drawn from the report include 63 percent of prison inmates are illiterate and nearly two-thirds of the world’s illiterate are women.

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Thank You For Calling My Kid A Fatty

Social skills in adulthood is improved because of name-calling in childhood, according to a study done by Dr Erin nerd1Heerey, a psychologist at Bangor University in North Wales.

These playful insults, such as  “pizza-face”, “four-eyes”, or “dweeb”, is suggested to help children understand social settings, their role in social settings, and flaws in their behavior or actions. These so-called “bullying” names may help children become popular and better friends in the long run.

Dr. Heerey said: “You can watch teenagers queuing up to buy a movie ticket and they banter with one another. They say really horrible things to one but they are all laughing and it’s all fun.”

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Flying – No Longer Just For R.Kelly

“I believe I can fly.” Be that as it may, the most impressive thing R. Kelly has done with his life is urinate. There is hope, however, for those of us who do believe we can one day fly.

 A group of basejumpers have developed a “wing suit” in Norway. With this suit you can glide at speeds of over 100mph within just inches of cliffs and the ground. Check out this video or watch the one below.

Do you believe that you can fly? Enroll in the Birdman School and hit the skies!

Now Available – Flying Cars

Don’t we all dream of a time when we can go out to our driveways, kiss our spouse goodbye, and then hop into our car article-1097324-02d766c1000005dc-602_468x314and fly away to work? Yes, we do. And it will be possible next year.

This technolgical masterpiece is capable of flying at 115mph for over 400 miles, and can also travel at highway speeds while in car-mode. Talk about flexibility!

The Terrafugia Transition, the world’s first “roadable” airplane will be available to licensed pilots for the reasonable price of £127,000, or about $190,000. Don’t worry though, a deposit of £6,500 or about $10,000, will be enough money to secure your flying car while you make the rest of the money to pay for it.

The firm’s website,, says of prospective owners: ‘Your deposit doesn’t just reserve your very own roadable airplane, it gives us proof that today’s pilot community is ready for this dream to finally become reality.

‘There’s no risk to you – only the chance to be the first at your home field to unfold your wings and fly into the future.”

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Do you put off to tomorrow what can be done today? Do you play video games or watch television when yopro-cas-book-2-2u know you have work to do? Do you leave all assignments and projects until the very last minute? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you fall into the category of “chronic procrastinators” who make up nearly 20% of our population.

However, a Canadian scientist has gone through great lengths defending that the reason for procrastination is not sheer laziness. Professor Piers Steel has actually developed an equation that explains why people procrastinate in the first place. The equation is U=EV/ID.

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America, WHERE Are You?

According to a poll done by Gallup/Harris, 37 percent of Americans could not locate or identify the United States; ON A MAP OF THE UNITED STATES!

The alleged map and the alleged America locations

The alleged map and the alleged America locations

That’s right. When shown a map our own nation, 6% of Americans said their country was where Canada would have been if included on the map, 19% places America in either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, and 10% pointed to where Mexico would be.

“On the whole, these figures should be construed as somewhat disappointing,” Gallup spokesman Keith Ventner said. “Especially the two percent that believed the United States was located on the map’s color-coded inset legend.”

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Scrabble Scandal

A mother who bought her son the Nintendo DS’s version of the classic board game Scrabble was disgusted wharticle-1092613-02b94b34000005dc-102_468x421en she saw the game generating inappropriate words and slang.

The words “tits”, “fuckers”, and “toke” were all generated by the virtual characters of the game. Definitions of those words were offered as ‘an informal word for female breasts’, ‘a slang word for chavs’, and ‘a draw on a cannabis cigarette’, respectfully. Though educational, if you were trying to learn about these kinds of topics or something, the game should not carry an age rating of 3 years and up.

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Out of Body Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk a mile in some else’s shoes? Sure you have. It may body250805actually be possible now.

Swedish researchers presented evidence that the brain, when tricked by optical and sensory illusions, can quickly adopt any other human form, no matter how different, as its own.

Just imagine; a white man put into a black man’s body, a male into a female, a child into an adult. The possibilities are endless, and the result could change your entire outlook on life. Check out the article.

The Oldest Stoner

A stash of marijuana was found in a Chinese tomb earlier this week that is said to be 2,700 years old. big_bud_marijuanaResearchers are sure that the cannabis was cultivated and dried for “psychoactive purposes” rather than for use as clothing or food.

The 789 grams of marijuana found buried next to a light-haired, blue eyed shaman would be enough to land him in federal prison. That’s nearly 2 pounds of pot!!

“To our knowledge, these investigations provide the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent,” says American neurologist Dr. Ethan B. Russo.

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Black Friday Tragedy

Black Friday is known for having the biggest sales of the holiday season. It is also known for unruly alg_walmart_policecustomers, mothers fist-fighting over Tickle-Me Elmos and Furbies, and all sorts of anti-holiday cheer. This year is no different.

At a Long Island Wal-Mart early this morning a worker was trampled and killed shortly after the doors were open. He was 34 years old and worked as a stock clerk. As emergency personnel arrived and were trying to save his life, customers continued to file into the store around them. The police had to shut down the store.

One woman suffered a miscarriage after being trampled and three other customers reported minor injuries.  Merry Christmas.